Patient Testimonials

Just want to thank you Mike for making my root canal a relaxing and nice experience.  I am sure it is because of you, as well as your staff that made it so. I wish you luck in all you do and hope to see you again.  Again, thanks so much for all you do to make your patients feel comfortable.  D.H.

Dr. Loftis, I would like to again thank you for your care of me in your office during the past two office visits. This journey is challenging and you helped me during a difficult time.                   Bless You.    J.L.

Dear Dr. Loftis and Staff, thank you for the time you took to reassure me throughout the appointments. I appreciate it so much! Thanks for being patient with me and all of the questions.  I love my smile and my teeth.  Thank you for helping me to keep them!    S and J W.

Dr. Dunn, I believe that along with the right to make our dissatisfaction known, we have the obligation to praise when we are pleased with the services we receive.  With that in mind I want to thank you for referring me to Dr. Loftis. My root canal could not have been more painless. The after effects were zero. His assistants are professional and easy to deal with. To my untrained eye his equipment seems reassuringly state of the art.  And most enjoyably he has a sense of humor worthy of my own. Not easy for most. You may recommend him with confidence.  His work is equal to the high standards you set for your own patients.    B. R.  

Dr. Mike Loftis and Girls,  I want to thank all of you for an amazing experience that exceeded my expectations.  Thanks for going out of your way to ensure the affordability of the procedure. Thanks for overcoming the unfortunate circumstances of my situation to ensure the best possible result for me.    L.C.

 Dr. Loftis,  you are a talented endodontist!  Thank you for your careful, excellent work.  I deeply appreciate you!  All the best,  J. R. 

Dr Loftis, Just wanted to thank you for the time you spent adjusting my tooth.  I don’t know what the outcome will be but I do appreciate your effort.  May God bless you and your family.    C. D.

Dear Dr. Loftis and Staff,  I send my sincerest thank you to all of you for the kid and competent attention you gave me last week when you evaluated my tooth.  I was well impressed with all of you and do appreciate your generosity. Sometimes it’s good to be the patient so that you can see from the patients perspective. I will continue to recommend our patients to you. Thanks again for helping me and for the good care you give out patients.  Sincerely,    M. C.

Dr. Loftis and Staff,  thank you so much for taking such good care of me when I needed to save my tooth.  I don’t know what I would have done without your kindness.  See you soon! Thanks again.   S. S.

Dr. Loftis and Staff,  The flowers are beautiful!  Thank you for being so kind.  S. H.  

Dear Dr. Loftis and Staff,  Thank you for the great care that I received in your office.  You were all so nice and helpful. Also, thank you for the beautiful flowers! I was very surprised when I received them.  My mouth is feeling a lot better.  I am on my way to feeling much better.  Thanks again.  C. S. 

Dr. Loftis and Staff, Thank you for seeing L. through this catastrophe. And thank you for the the care. We both appreciate you service and you skill. According to my old Webster’s dictionary (copyright 1926!), a catastrophe is “an event producing a subversion of the order of things”  It surely was that! Thank you,  M. D.  

Dear Dr. Loftis and Staff,  My friends thought I was a bit confused when I boldly announced how gear I was to have my root canal therapy! However, I knew I was going to be one step closer to healing the minute I left your office. I was right! Please accept my gratitude for being granted the earliest appointment, for the professional and efficient business office, for thorough directions to your office and most importantly for my care. I’m pleased to report that I have minimal pain that is offset by meds and patience, and a tooth the is painless to the touch. I am grateful for your expert touch and professional care.    L. H.